Below are some of our travel tips

What to wear

During the day, temperatures are generally warm depending on which region of the country one is at, so bring lots of light clothing. Evening temperatures are cooler at especially high altitudes, so it is advisable to bring a couple of light sweaters as well. For the tourist intending to hike or climb on the mountains, you are advised to pack accordingly due to the alpine temperatures. You would do well to carry solid walking shoes and strong clothing, a sun hat, sunglasses, waterproof jackets which are ideal for forest walks, game drives and national park tours.
In Bwindi, Temperatures are low and chances of rains are very high and we recommend trekking in water proof clothes in case heavy rain finds you in the jungle. In the evening temperatures significantly drops at night to around 11°C/52°F and the altitude in Bwindi is varied, from 1160 to 2607m, (3806-8553ft).


85% of the country lies between 990m and 1500m above sea level. The lowest point is Lake Albert
at 621m and the highest point at Mount Stanley (Rwenzori) 5,110m

About Health

Uganda is generally a safe country. One is required to have a certificate of yellow fever vaccination. All visitors to Uganda should take anti-malaria drugs as a precaution against this prevalent disease. It is also advisable to drink bottled which are readily available in any of the many supermarkets, restaurants and shops rather than tap water. The AIDS scourge which afflicted the nation has dramatically dropped due to a strong AIDS sensitization campaign by the government and NGOs but one is advised to take precaution.

Foot Ware

Do not forget the comfortable walking shoes, such as solid jungle shoes for trekking, running shoes with socks, are recommended over sandals.
Park Regulations
-Do not camp or make campfires except at designated sites.
-Do not drive off the tracks.
– Do not disturb the wildlife by sounding motor horns.
– Do not drive in the park between 7:30pm and 6:30 am.
– Do not bring dogs or other pets into the park.
– Do not drop litter and cigarette ends or matches.
– Do not bring firearms or ammunition into the park.
– Do not exceed the speed limit of 40km per hour (25mph). Retain all official receipts for entrance, boat trips, fishing, etc, as you may be requested to show them at any time during your stay.

Time Zone

GMT +3


Uganda Shilling Ush 3500=1US$

International dial code



English, the official language is spoken by most reasonably educated Ugandans. Among the country’s 33 indigenous languages Luganda is the closest to being a lingua franca

Head of state

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni since 1986


240 Volts at 50Hz


Tipping is not culture that is practiced often at local hotels, bars and restaurants, but it is always appreciated. The amount depends on the tourist’s discretion

About Visas

Note: All National Can obtain their Visas on arrival upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport with no hassle at US$ 50.00 Visa Fees

On the other note, Uganda Immigration have implemented the use of Electronic Visas from 01 July 2017.
All visitors who require an entry visa and do not yet have one, must apply through the online application system prior to arrival.

You are required to upload clear copies of current passport, Yellow fever certificate and Passport photo.

On completion of the online application you will receive a barcoded email notification. Print out this email and bring it with you to Uganda.
Upon arrival at any border (entry point) you must present the bar coded email.

The immigration officer will scan the barcode, take your finger prints and photo and ask for the $50 cash payment for the visa. (Please note, Uganda only accepts USD bills dated 2006 or newer and in excellent condition). Online applications must be made through the visa immigration website on

However, this online system is not yet effective as you find it so hard please be ready and guaranteed of securing it upon arrival


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