Pemba island

An island rich in history and character, Pemba offers an experience that is uniquely different from that of the celebrated main island of Zanzibar. Far from the crowds and hubbub, Pemba offers adventure and relaxation in a way that would thrill any island-goer.

Pemba Island is 50 km North of Zanzibar and is famous for its aromatic spices and coconuts. Isolated from Arabian and then European colonization, it has remained completely untouched and unspoiled by the modern development that can be seen elsewhere.

This multi-faceted island offers a variety of activity options. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, a romantic honeymoon, or a fast-spaced adventure, this is a must-see location.

With some of the clearest waters in the world, as well as one of the most enchanting reefs, Pemba is an attractive choice for any diving enthusiast.

Nestled among the Zanzibar archipelago, Pemba is a destination in and of itself, with endless opportunities for exploration. And because it is less traveled than the more famous main island of Zanzibar, visitors enjoy a much purer, more pristine experience.



What You’ll See

The rich waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding the island are home to a wild, colorful collection of tropical marine life.

The island is also home to a long and powerful history, which can be witnessed among the ruins that date back to the 7th century, when Arab traders created mosques that dot the landscape.

For nearly 3,000 years, Pemba has been an important trading center along the Swahili coast, and once played an integral role in trade with the countries of the Persian Gulf and India.

The warm waters of the Indian ocean that surround Pemba Island are home to thousands of species of tropical fish and exotic marine life.

Pemba is renowned not only for its pristine and un-spoilt coral reefs but also for its vertical coral cliffs, which plummet to depths of more than 800 meters. Underwater visibility often reaches 40 meters or more.

Looking over the precipice of some of the outer walls can be a awe-inspiring experience. Word to the wise: watch out for the vertigo!

A diving expedition to Pemba would not be complete without a dive down to the Panza wreck, a ship that was wrecked off the Southern coast of Pemba in the mid 20th century.


Source: Tanzania Tourist Board

Title Photo Credit: Constance Hotels Inc.

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