Our Story

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

We are two sisters, Lydia and Sarah, with a passion for our native country of Tanzania. With so much beauty and wildlife surrounding us, we were each naturally drawn to the travel and tourism industry — acting as a bridge between our beautiful homeland and the visitors who wish to enjoy it.

After over 20 years in various aspects of the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries, we’ve decided to venture out on our own. This gives us the freedom to create custom vacations for our clients and ensure that each person that crosses our path experiences Tanzania in its purest, most beautiful form. Whether people would like to trek up the tallest mountain in Africa, catch a glimpse of wild, untamed animals, or relax on a pristine, sandy beach, we are here to make it into a reality.

Our Brand

Lapwings Company Limited, here to serve!

But what are lapwings, exactly? And why did we choose this to represent our brand?

Lapwings are a species of bird that is native to Tanzania. True they do not have the immense presence of elephants, the tall grace of giraffes, or the immense power of lions — but they are a unique and graceful feature of the African wilderness.

Why did we choose this bird to represent our brand?

Quite simply, this is what Tanzania is all about.

It’s such small details, like the many colorful pieces of a mosaic, that make Tanzania the wondrous place that it is. The Tanzanian landscape as it is today would not exist but for the small, everyday creatures that continue to do their work day after day — like the humble lapwing!

Our Vision

Our vision is to help each person who crosses our path to create their own lasting memories of this welcoming land and its people.

An Epic Experience…At Your Fingertips


A Tanzanian experience, tailor-made to your individual tastes and preferences

Whatever You Want to See…

We’ll Make It Happen

Because There’s Something for everyone

Wildlife Safaris

Tanzania is synonymous with safaris and wildlife — and for good reason! With 16 national parks and 430 animal species, Tanzania continues to be the ultimate in wildlife safari destinations, with something for everyone!

Luxury lodges

An excursion to Tanzania is not all about roughing it. A luzury experience can help you to connect with everything that Tanzania has to offer, infused with a level of comfort that will help you to enjoy it to the full.

Epic Travels

Whether your ultimate Tanzanian adventure includes scaling the tallest mountain in Africa, witnessing the immese power of wildlife, or relaxing on sun-soaked white beaches, there is something for you to enjoy!