Famously and appropriately known as the Rock City.

Situated along the Southern shores of Lake Victoria, Mwanza is the second largest city in Tanzania, with a population of 700,000. The deep blue waters of Lake Victoria make it an ideal location for fishermen to practice their trade — and make Mwanza one of the biggest ports in Tanzania.

This beautiful city is quite famously known as The Rock City, and for good reason. Rocks and boulders are the distinguishing feature throughout the city — with a rugged, mountainous landscape that surrounds the city in an awe-inspiring way.

There are four tribes that call Mwanza home: The Wasukuma, the Wakewere, the Wakara, and the Wazinza. The largest of these is the Wasukuma, who in fact are the largest tribe in all of Tanzania.

Things to Do in Mwanza

  • Visit Mwaloni Market for fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Visit Bismarck Rock, an impressively large boulder balanced atop other rocks in Lake Victoria.
  • Visit Saanane National Park, located on an island which can be accessed by a short boat ride.
  • Visit and buy wares at the Maasai Market

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