Gombe Stream National Park

This small Tanzanian treasure is home to a beautiful array of natural wonders, including chimpanzees and a beautiful display of bird life.

Gombe Stream National Park, which covers an area of only 52 square kilometers, is the smallest park in Tanzania. But don’t be deceived by its size; there are many treasures within its perimeter.

 It is located in southwestern Tanzania, on the shores of Africa’s deepest and longest fresh body of water, Lake Tanganyika. The mountains of Gombe, covered in dense forest, tower almost directly over the sandy shores of the lake below.

The mountains of Gombe Stream National Park are home to a chimpanzee habitat. These chimpanzees have adapted to human visitors and were made famous by scientist Jane Goodall, whose work in the 1960s was part of a behavioral research program that is now the longest-running study of its kind in the world. Fifi, the last-surviving member of the original chimpanzee community that was part of Doctor Goodall’s work, can still be visited in Gombe.

Outside of the park’s chimpanzee population, Gombe stands apart from Tanzania’s other national parks. It has no roads, which makes it ideal to walk through and enjoy a personal, natural experience, free from any hint of the industrial world outside.

The landscape encompasses a variety of beautiful features. From evergreen forests, to open woodlands, and spacious grasslands.

Gombe Stream National Park

What You’ll See

Don’t be deceived by its size; Gombe Stream National Park has many wonders for safari enthusiasts of all levels

The wildlife population is also diverse, and includes other primates, such as beachcomber olive baboons, as well as red tailed and red colobus monkeys.

In addition to primates, the park is home to a wide range of bird species, including the iconic fish eagle and Peters’ twinspots. These birds can often be seen flitting around the visitor’s center, showing off and entertaining guests.

The experience in this park is made even more special at dusk, when hundreds of small wooden boats stream onto the lake. Bobbing alongside the city, with lantern lights that spill onto the glassy surface of the water, these boats add a nostalgic and memorable touch to the serene landscape.

Source: Tanzania Tourist Board

Header Image Source: Mbali Mbali

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