Boat Safaris / Canoeing

Boat Safari

Available Location: Selous Game Reserve

While there is admittedly a lot to see on land — lions, giraffes, and elephants, to name a few — boat safaris give you a rare glimpse at some of Tanzania’s mighty water creatures, such as hippos and crocodiles, as well as a stunning variety of bird life.

Take a boat safari along the great Rufiji River in the northern area of the Selous Game Reserve. The river is surrounded by wildlife, both in the water and along the shores, along with a rich tapestry of Tanzanian landscape where land vehicles do not have access.

If you are interested in this rare and exciting experience, feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to work together to create an experience that fits your needs.

All images sourced from: Wayo Africa


Available Location: Arusha National Park

Nothing is more exhilarating than a canoe safari, where you are in control of every movement. Such a small vessel allows you to get up close and personal with amazing specimens of African wildlife, big and small.

Sit by in the calm water as elephants water themselves in the foreground. Blend into your surroundings as you watch exotic birdlife go along their daily routine.

This kind of safari puts you in the experience in a unique way that you will look back on for years to come.

If you are interested in making this part of your safari experience, get in touch to discuss more details.


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