With over 1,100 species of vibrantly colorful birds in Tanzania every year, it is a world-class destination for bird viewing and photography.

Tanzania is a world class destination for bird watchers and photographers. With over 1,100 various species of birdlife within its borders, there’s something for bird enthusiasts of every level.

The beautiful array of colorful bird species that can be seen in Tanzania often outshines even the large mammals of the savannah. Even people who barely give birds a glance in their home country are enthralled by the combination of unique colors and diversity available within the Tanzanian bird ecosystem.

Best Times to Go Birding

If you wish to see the nearly 200 species of birds who migrate to Tanzania, you’ll want to visit between the months of November and April, when migration is at its peak.

Another popular time is when birds are breeding and exhibiting their special, vibrant plumage that attracts insects that they can then use to feed their young. The best times to see this breeding plumage is between November and December, and then again between March and May.

Here’s a sampling of just what you can expect to see…

Birds Endemic to Tanzania

  • Ashy starling
  • Banded green sunbird
  • Fischer’s lovebird
  • Grey-breasted spurfowl
  • Iringa akalat
  • Kilombero weaver
  • Loveridge’s sunbird
  • Moreau’s sunbird
  • Mrs. Moreau’s warbler
  • Pemba green pigeon
  • Pemba Scop owl
  • Pemba sunbird
  • Pemba white-eye
  • Rufous-tailed weaver
  • Rufous-winged sunbird
  • Tanzania seedeater
  • Tanzanian red-billed hornbill

  • Udzungwa forest partridge
  • Uluguru bush shrike
  • Usambara akalat
  • Usambara eagle owl
  • Usambara weaver

Other Birds You’ll Love

  • Bar-tailed trogon
  • Broad-tailed paradise why-dah
  • Brown-breasted barbet
  • Brown-necked parrot
  • Chestnut-fronted helmet-shrike
  • Golden-breasted starling
  • Green tinkerbird
  • Green-headed oriole
  • Hartlaub’s turaco
  • Lappet-faced vulture
  • Livingstone’s flycatcher
  • Long-tailed fiscal
  • Marsh tchagra

  • Pale-billed hornbill
  • Pallid honeyguide
  • Secretary bird
  • White-headed mousebird
  • Yellow necked spurfowl

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